Supply Checklist for Common ICU Procedures


Compiled by Zohra Prasla, MD (PCCM Fellow)


  • Ultrasound machine

  • Ultrasound probe covers (2, 1 each for central line and arterial line placement)

  • Ultrasound jelly



  • PPE (N95, goggles or face shield, gowns, gloves for MD, RN, RT)

  • Suction with Yankauer

  • Nonrebreather mask for preoxygenation and apneic oxygenation

  • Towel rolls

  • Bag-valve mask with HME/Viral filter and PEEP valve (not to be used for preoxygenation due to aerosolization risk but just in case for emergent situation)

  • Portable Glidescope with 2 disposable laryngoscopes (size 4 and size 3)

  • MAC blade and handle

  • ET tube (2 – 7.5 and 8.0 or other size based on MD preference)

  • Stylets (2 – 1 rigid for Glidescope and 1 regular)

  • EtCO2 monitor (set up prior to start of intubation)

  • 10 cc Syringe

  • Disposable bronchoscope (second-line for difficult airway)

  • LMA size 4 and 5 (third-line for difficult airway)

  • ​Oral airway (1, standard size)

  • Medications (confirm doses with MD)

    • Induction Agent: Etomidate 30 mg (administer 20-25 mg for 70-80 kg normotensive adult, 0.3 mg/kg IV), OR Propofol 200 mg (administer 140-160 mg for 70-80 kg adult, 2 mg/kg IV)

    • Paralytic Agent: Succinylcholine 200 mg (administer 140-160 mg for 70-80 kg adult, 2 mg/kg IV), OR 120 mg (administer 80-100 mg for 70-80 kg adult, 1.2 mg/kg IV)

    • Sedative Agent: Propofol or Versed for post-intubation sedation while Rocuronium still onboard

    • Post-Intubation: 1L Lactated Ringers hanging, Norepinephrine at beside (or Phenylephrine, based on MD preference)


Central Venous Line

  • Triple lumen CVC or HD catheter (Vascath) kit

  • Free-standing kink-resistant guidewire

  • Sterile patient drape (if not included in central line kit)

  • PPE (Sterile gown, bouffant, face mask w/shield if not included in central line kit)

  • Sterile gloves

  • ChloraPrep (2)

  • Sterile saline flushes (3)

  • Leur lock caps (3)

  • Biopatch (1)

  • Sterile gauze

  • Sterile Tegaderm (1)

  • Lidocaine 2% without epinephrine

  • RN to remain outside door at all times for assistance


Arterial Line

  • PPE (Sterile gown, bouffant, face mask w/shield, sterile gloves)

  • Arterial catheterization kit (1) and arterial catheterization darts (2)

  • Sterile towels

  • ChloraPrep (2)

  • Tape or other restraining agent

  • Towel roll

  • Sterile gauze

  • Sterile Tegaderm (1)

  • Suture (2.0 silk)​

  • Lidocaine 2% without epinephrine

  • Pressure IV tubing with transducer set up

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