Brigham & Women's Hospital COVID-19 Protocols

An excellent and well-organized list of protocols taking the patient from ED to general floor to ICU. Can be readily translated into order sets. 

University of Washington COVID-19 Protocols

A pretty comprehensive list of policies categorized into: triage, operations & facilities, workforce & staffing, patient care protocols, and treatment guidelines. 

Critical Care Training for the Non-ICU Provider

Also from UW. A set of 1- to 2-page quick ICU "cheat sheets" covering the fundamentals of critical care. Topics include: shock, respiratory failure, ARDS, fever, delirium, etc. A .pdf document with all lessons aggregated can be downloaded here

Society of Critical Care Medicine Guidelines

Guidelines issued by the most prominent academic critical care society. Disclaimer: these guidelines were generated at a time when there was even less data about disease-modifying therapies such as hydroxychloroquine, anti-cytokine mAbs, or antivirals. Contemporary practice and aggressive trial enrollment has led to a situation in which real world management differs from the guidelines in these areas. A .pdf version of the guidelines can be downloaded here

Other Excellent Resources

EMCrit COVID-19 Book – Concise and clear summary of the disease and its management, by the singular Dr. Josh Farkas. 

ACEP COVID-19 Clinical Alert Repository – Collates trending items from the social media medical stream. Although not rigorously adjudicated or peer-reviewed, cutting edge clinical innovations are likely to be found here first. 

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) and American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) resources were not included on this list, since they pertain to general disaster ICU management with limited COVID-specific guidance. 

Information presented on this website does not reflect the views or positions of the US Veterans Health Administration, Emory Healthcare, or its affiliated institutions. This is a rapidly evolving field. As such. the content on this site is being updated daily and protocols will be updated in real time.  The purpose of this site is to provide a centralized resource for ICU topics and protocols to promote the well-being of hospitalized or critically ill patients suffering from COVID-19.  Defer to your institutional guidelines for all clinical practice decisions.


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